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Promising and reliable as it has always been, Sputnik is a leading firm in manufacturing, sourcing, supplying and servicing in the construction, industrial engineering & marine, overseas recruitment, farming and customized tours!

At Sputnik, our team has a strong foothold in offering its services with over 33 years of experience and constantly enhanced contribution to our company. The team ensures that our services offered are second to none! Our passion towards the various industry segments we cater to brings out the best results for our team.

We believe in sustainable growth and we strive hard to excel in all the business verticals. Looking out for advanced farming techniques, increased productivity in the manufacturing of products, efficiency in sourcing and supplying of goods in time, servicing the requirements of overseas organizations and giving justified income sources to the labour market are some of the key things we do. Looking out and procuring the right equipment from various sources is our greatest strength. We have the ability to spot the equipment and quick assessment prowess.

Also, it has been an important aspect of our engineering technique to suggest innovative solutions in comparison to the readily available existing solution in the market.

For the past 33 years, the services offered by Sputnik Engineers have been second to none and endeavours to sustain.

Sputnik Engineers is Worldwide Recognized As Most Trustworthy And Reliable Supplier for quality manpower required in the overseas, high quality manufactured products, efficient deliveries of sourced and supplied products and a range of farm produce. Our recently added Sputnik Holidays business vertical has made some exceptional low budget customized packages for its customers making it an ideal service providing trustworthy partner in the tours and travels industry. Our 24x7 support in the holiday's segment has given us an edge over others making Sputnik one of a kind in the budget holidays segment.

Why Choose Us


With a team of experienced professionals who are exemplary in their respective departmental work, every offered service leads to perfection and care.


Sputnik gives high importance to its values. We believe in Trust, Team Spirit, Respect for individuals, Transparency & openness, Leadership and Passion for Excelence.


We have been in the industry for more than three decades. The growth path of our business has always remained forward-looking.


Sputnik does not stop at being only excellent at every area of service. The team goes an extra mile to bring innovation and creative ideas in the business. With this, our customers receive value-added services and better than the best services from us.


Once a Sputnik customer, always a Sputnik customer! That’s primarily because of the reliability experienced by our clientele groups. Not only for the safe products and services and on-time delivery, but the customers also count on us for the quality of services offered.


Sputnik strongly believes in its managerial principles of integrity. Through our persistently offered transparency in the operations, we have managed to build trust among our customers.


Sputnik Engineers has retained its clientele family with its values and maintained professionalism throughout the purchase process. The services offered by us always meet the ever-growing expectations of clients.

Great Management

A strong organization builds a brand on the grounds of competent administration foundation. Our administration excels proficiency in leading their respective team and give efforts to the best of their abilities. The same is reflected in our products and services provided.


With it's modern and technological production facilities, innovative products, sustainable superior quality and service understanding, achieve greater heights in India and to strengthen its position in the overseas market.


Working in a respectful manner to society and the environment and using all its resources in the most efficient manner, to be a respectable and trustworthy company in the world.

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