Sputnik Farms

Sputnik farms are situated in Maharashtra which lies in the western part of India. Sputnik farms produce high qualities of selected vegetables for both export and local market.

With Sahyadri ranges running along the coast of Maharashtra, the state is geographically divided into two regions; the Konkan coastal plains which are paddy fields and coconut gardens and the great river basins formed by the rivers flowing out from the Western Ghats (Sahyadri). In recent years Maharashtra has become the largest producer of Onions (63%), Banana (75%), Mandarin oranges(75%), Tomatoes(42%), Pomegranates, Alphonso Mangoes (90%) and seedless grapes (78%). The state leads the sugar industry sector with about 150 productive cooperative sugar mills.

Sputnik farms produce varieties of Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Pomegranates, Drumsticks, Capsicum, Groundnut and Sugarcane for export and local sale. The farm was established in 1965, on what was formerly a Jowar and Wheat growing farm only. With the introduction of new techniques for farming in addition to providing them with improved short duration yield seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc, the technology transfer from the 'Agricultural Universities' to the farmers is evident from the high yields.

We also raise pastured laying Indian (Desi) hens which are given high-quality feed for best quality eggs (Gavti Eggs). .

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